The Top Gun Shoot Out official Make-A-Break results at the Hill ‘N Dale Club

official Make-A-Break at the Ohio State SC Championship has just ended.

Congratulations to Dave Miceli and John Fritz for their great wins, and well done to all those shooters who made it onto the stage. It’s now time to dissect the ones that got away, the silly misses! But remember, there are still some Top Gun official Make-A-Break events on the 2022 calendar, or you can come back again next year to put a score on the board…

And a big thank you goes to the audience who came to watch and cheer on these great shooters during their time up those scary stairs on the Top Gun stage…

It was a great show, and here are the scores and winners.

Ohio State SC Championship.

Things are coming together nicely at the Hill ‘N Dale Club, near Medina, Ohio for the 2022 Ohio State SC Championship. Top Gun’s official Make-A-Break field will be open for some great shooting fun and challenge on Thursday, and you can attempt to qualify for their Top 8 and Top 4 scores to get into their Top Gun official Make-A-Break Shoot Outs. Qualifying closes on Saturday at 4: 30 pm and the shooting show begins at 5:30 pm that day.

It’s a great show so if you’re not on the Top Gun stage as a shooting performer then come over to be in the audience and cheer them all on…

Latest List of Winners – July 25, 2022

Here is the latest list of the winners in the Top Gun Shooting Sports official Make-A-Break Top 8 and Top 4 Shoot Outs for 2022.

Thanks to all of you who have been participating in these events in any way. Whether hosting them, shooting in them, or watching them, we thank you for making this series so successful so far.

We look forward to seeing you at any of our remaining events for 2022.

The Perfect Score – 65

It is not very often we see the perfect score of 65 being shot, but this week at the Top Gun Shooting Sport’s official Make-A-Break fields at the SCTP National Championships we saw an astonishing 5 players shoot the perfect game.

Well done to Hunter Raley, Dawson Williams, Jack Lewis and Owen Haas.

One player scored 65 three times for a TRIPLE PERFECT SCORE, a huge congratulations to Ashley Sellers


Well, the inaugural official Make-A-Break Top Gun SCTP Team Shoot Out ended last night, and what a show that was… The players and their coaches put on a fantastic display of teamwork for everyone to enjoy. Now, here are the score-sheets showing the talents of these young shooters.

Congratulations to the Manchester Young Guns for their big win, and great shooting by the other teams. And a big thank you to those in the audience for coming to watch.

Top Gun and Clay-Sport spent many hours devising the coaching format we used for this show, and we would really like your feedback. It will make all the hours talking and testing worthwhile. As we move forward we’ll maybe be doing a bit of fine-tuning, but not too much…



Here are the details for the 2022 TOP GUN SCTP TEAM SHOOT OUT taking place at the SCTP National Championship hosted by the Cardinal Shooting Center.
Questions? Let us know at or contact us through one of our social media outlets.
It is going to be epic, get talking about it now, who will be the ultimate team champions? it could be you….

Playing Field

 America’s next pastime is here.. Make-A-Break!

The exciting, new one-on-one shooting game that requires both skill and strategy, and finally answers the question: who’s the top gun?