2022 official Make-A-Break Winners – Top Gun Shoot Outs

Here is the complete list of the winners, their scores and prize money for all the Top Gun official Make-A-Break events in 2022. Sorry about the missing photos but sometimes we don’t receive images of the winners. If any of you have them though, please send them in and we will be happy to add them.

Congratulations to you all and a sincere thank you to all of you who took part in each event.

We are already working on our big plans for 2023 so keep watching…

2022 Kentucky State SC Championships Make-A Break results

Congratulations to Will Francis in A – E and Carson Walters in M – AA who are the winners of tonight’s Top Gun official Make-A-Break Shoot Out at the Jefferson Gun Club, hosts of the 2022 Kentucky State SC Championship.

And well done to all of the shooters who made it onto the Top Gun Make-A-Break stage and entertained everyone who came to watch. Speaking of which, a big thank you goes to the audience who supported the players on the stage and encouraged them to do well. You really do make this something to look forward to at each of our events.

2022 Texas State SS Championship official Make-A Break Results

Here are the winners and scores for the ‘first time in Texas’ Top Gun Shoot Out Top 4 and Top 8 official Make-A-Break show at the Austin Gun Club and the 2022 Texas State Super-Sporting Championship. We will post the Make-A-Break prize money amounts as soon as we receive them.

Congratulations to Tranton Breaux for winning the Top 4 event and to Lane Picklo for winning the Top 8. And well done to all of the shooters who made it onto the Top Gun Make-A-Break stage tonight. Great shooting by you all. And let’s not forget the audience who cheered on the players.

And finally, thank you to the Austin Gun Club for their warm welcome and hospitality throughout this event…

Hope to see you all again sometime soon…

The Top Gun Shoot Out official Make-A-Break results at the Hill ‘N Dale Club

official Make-A-Break at the Ohio State SC Championship has just ended.

Congratulations to Dave Miceli and John Fritz for their great wins, and well done to all those shooters who made it onto the stage. It’s now time to dissect the ones that got away, the silly misses! But remember, there are still some Top Gun official Make-A-Break events on the 2022 calendar, or you can come back again next year to put a score on the board…

And a big thank you goes to the audience who came to watch and cheer on these great shooters during their time up those scary stairs on the Top Gun stage…

It was a great show, and here are the scores and winners.

Ohio State SC Championship.

Things are coming together nicely at the Hill ‘N Dale Club, near Medina, Ohio for the 2022 Ohio State SC Championship. Top Gun’s official Make-A-Break field will be open for some great shooting fun and challenge on Thursday, and you can attempt to qualify for their Top 8 and Top 4 scores to get into their Top Gun official Make-A-Break Shoot Outs. Qualifying closes on Saturday at 4: 30 pm and the shooting show begins at 5:30 pm that day.

It’s a great show so if you’re not on the Top Gun stage as a shooting performer then come over to be in the audience and cheer them all on…

Latest List of Winners – July 25, 2022

Here is the latest list of the winners in the Top Gun Shooting Sports official Make-A-Break Top 8 and Top 4 Shoot Outs for 2022.

Thanks to all of you who have been participating in these events in any way. Whether hosting them, shooting in them, or watching them, we thank you for making this series so successful so far.

We look forward to seeing you at any of our remaining events for 2022.